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A paz fosse a estas ruas Jeanine Guidry março 17, 2003 hi todos, eu prestava atenção à notícia o outro dia quando os relatórios de todo o demonstrações anti- e da pro-guerra estavam sendo transmissão, com os mais de 7 milhão povos que fazem exame às ruas para suas convicções. Eu não sou certo o que a solução é na guerra-edição, mas o que me fêz realizar são duas coisas: 1. Como apropriado nosso tema é este ano. a "paz seja a estas ruas... no nome de Jesus". Paz nao justa, mas paz no nome de Jesus'. Somente pode trazer a paz real e durável. 2. Havia 7 milhão povos que querem worldwide fazer exame de suas convicções às ruas, porque sentiram que era importante bastante. Não importa como importante as introduções da guerra, da paz, e da ameaça do terrorismo são, nosso amor para Jesus e nosso amor para nossas comunidades em seu nome devem ser mesmo mais. É assim o dia de Jesus irrelevant nestes dias? Se qualquer coisa, mim pensar é mais relevante do que sempre antes! Junte em suas cidades em sábado junho 7 - e email mim em info@jesusday.org se você não souber se houver um celebration do dia de Jesus perto de você. A paz seja a estas ruas no nome de Jesus, movendo este grupo que Jeanine Guidry estraga 17, 2003 do email hi todos, InJesus, nosso listserver, é startign para carregar cada grupo $20 do email por o mês como do fim de março. Por causa deste, nós estamos no processo de mover este grupo do email para um outro listserver sobre o curso de poucos dias seguintes. Assim se você começar uma mensagem que você ahve subscrito a um grupo novo..... que seja nós:). Agradecimentos para carregar com mim nesta transição,
(Peace be to these streets Jeanine Guidry Mar 17, 2003 Hi everyone, I was watching the news the other day when the reports of all the anti- and pro-war demonstrations were being broadcast, with more than 7 million people taking to the streets for their convictions. I am not sure what the solution is on the war-issue, but what it made me realize is two things: 1. How appropriate our theme is this year. "Peace be to these streets... in the name of Jesus". Not just peace, but peace in Jesus' name. Only He can bring real and lasting peace. 2. There were 7 million people worldwide willing to take their convictions to the streets, because they felt it was important enough. No matter how important the issues of war, peace, and the threat of terrorism are, our love for Jesus and our love for our communities in His name should be even more. So is Jesus Day irrelevant in these days? If anything, I think it is more relevant than ever before! Join in your cities on Saturday June 7 - and email me at info@jesusday.org if you don't know if there is a Jesus Day celebration near you. Peace be to these streets in the name of Jesus, Moving this email group Jeanine Guidry Mar 17, 2003 Hi everyone, InJesus, our listserver, is startign to charge each email group $20 per month as of the end of March. Because of this, we are in the process of moving this email group to another listserver over the course of the next few days. So if you get a message that you ahve been subscribed to a new group..... that's us :). Thanks for bearing with me in this transition,)

IX March For Jesus
in Goiânia -Goiás

Excuse didn't speak English (we are using a translation program and we don't have as checking the result, I hope can understand our attempt of looking for the communion)
We altered a little the initial course, in the point 2 instead of Av.Paranaíba went by the Street 4, and we didn't outline Pç.Cívica(Q. actually he/she calls himself Pedro L. Teixeira him founder of the city-but the name still didn't diffuse")
They were 02:00 approximately (two hours) of march, we left at 10:00 o'clock and the tip arrived at 12:00 o'clock... to be in the middle of the people of God is wonderful, to take for the middle of the street the atmosphere of power that we have at our churches. To act is not like this part of my personality, nor of my denomination the Evangelical Christian Church of Brazil (so much that I didn't find anybody there), but it could not be left out, after having received the invitation / summons to participate in this world event had to give my contribution and to be blessed by Espírito Saint action For the that I could make calculations we were 10.000 children of God screaming for the streets "Jesus'" sacred name liberating words of blessings to the Governor. Marconi Perílo, to our Mayor: Pedro Wilson, blessing the merchants, the residents in the balconies of the buildings, etc...
Who lost maybe has the chance of participating in 18/05/2002 (if Jesus doesn't snatch us before), it was not easy to do this covering, it went being scolded manager's, arising in walls, and the lamentable fact went it was invited to remove of the Universal Church that it is in Av.Tocantins (but it is part...) we will be making available the complete covering in our SITE: http://sites.uol.com.br/iceuniao And their information? we are waiting for his/her comment, his/her participation. Of any place of the world he/she does send in their information and will we help the official site of the March to register this event Mundial.Mesmo that has not gone, but the one what these information caused in you? use our e-mail iceuniao@uol.com.br. In Christ: Yrorrito HOISTS Union.
PS. The World site of the March: www.gmfj.org is out of the air... if somebody knows where to obtain information of the March in the world favor to communicate.

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